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We are proud to guarantee our work because for over 25 years we've provided Tempe, AZ and the surrounding areas with durable, long lasting Mercedes transmission repairs. Our experience with Mercedes vehicles is unmatched and our knowledge base and attention to detail is second to none.


Our exclusive dedication to every make and model Mercedes-Benz has to offer, both new and old, gives us the edge to diagnose and determine exactly what repairs need to be made to get you back on the road.


Let our professionally trained crews give your Mercedes-Benz the quality servicing it deserves. We'll provide you with full transmission services, including fluid and filter changes, that will keep your powerful system working at its highest potential. Ask us about our transmission replacement services when you call or stop by.

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Your automatic transmission should be serviced every two years or 24,000 miles, whereas a manual transmission may need no regularly scheduled service but should still be checked every so often to preserve their endurance.

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The transmission in a Mercedes-Benz is a complex masterpiece of gears and gaskets, cables and seals, and valves and pumps. We've got the experience and the training to repair this mega-system back to perfect working condition.

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Whether your Mercedes vehicle has an automatic or standard transmission, we have the expert skills, advanced equipment, and proven techniques to complete your repairs, replacement, and all of your other servicing needs. Call us today to ask your questions. We have the answers.