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For 25 years, our technicians have lived and breathed Mercedes-Benz vehicles, which makes us your superior choice for repairs, replacement parts, and regular servicing in the Tempe, AZ area. If you have questions, we know we have all the answers you need to keep your Mercedes in perfect working condition.


We're available at our convenient location or by phone to discuss your issues with the in depth concern and attention to detail that is required for your vehicle. Don't hesitate to contact us. We always act in the best interest of you and your Mercedes.


Whether you're bringing your vehicle to us for a regularly scheduled maintenance check, or you're having objective troubles with your air conditioning system, you'll always receive the results you want on time and within your budget. We offer refrigerant checks, leak detection services, and more.

Get diagnosed

Our highly trained crews are equipped with the knowledge and skills to detect and identify any issues with your Mercedes-Benz air conditioning system. You can rely on us for the accuracy and attention to detail your vehicle deserves.

Get our advice

Do you want to know if we think you should bring your Mercedes into our shop? If you're experiencing an air conditioner that only gives off hot air, is omitting strange noises, or only provides intermittent cold air, our answer will be yes.

Get replacements

We provide your Mercedes with replacement parts that live up to the high quality of your vehicle. You can depend on us for durable condensor, compressor, and evaporator replacements that will last. Our services are fast and reliable so your experience with us is always at your convenience.