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We know you don't have all the money in the world to put into repairs and replacement parts for your Mercedes, so our services are consistently more cost-effective than using the dealer. Your car matters to us, but more importantly, so do you, which is why we make sure that you stay within your budget.


Even though you'll pay less, we still provide you with premium servicing for your Mercedes-Benz. You'll get the finest quality products, installation, and repairs when you bring your car into our shop. Ask us your questions when you call today.


Our comprehensive inspections ensure that your brakes are always in their best condition once we're through with them. You can rely on our experts to accurately diagnose any issues, complete the repairs, and get you back on the road before your busy schedule notices you were gone.

Get repairs

Let us provide you with the brake repairs and servicing your Mercedes needs from removing worn brake pads and installing new ones, to replenishing the brake fluid for your system. You can rely on our professional crews to get the job done.

Get a guarantee

We guarantee our work because we always get it right. Our training and years of vast experience working with Mercedes-Benz brake systems, air conditioning, alignment, and transmissions gives us an edge, so we can give you superior service.

Get replacements

If you need your brakes replaced, we have access to the high quality products and skillful precision that is necessary to complete the task. You can rely on our technical abilities and training for brand new brakes you'll be able to trust during all of your upcoming adventures.